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Trinidad and Tobago National Flag Trinidad and Tobago Flag


The flag was designed by the Independence Committee and selected for use as the National Flag in 1962. Their colors are red, white and Black.

The color red is the most expressive of our country. It represents the vitality of the land and its people, is the heat and the sun's energy, courage and kindness of the people.

Trinidad and Tobago National Flag

White is the sea that these lands are bound: the cradle of our heritage, the purity of our aspirations and the equality of all men under the sun.
The Black represents for us the dedication of people united by a strong bond. It is the color of strength, unity, purpose and wealth of the earth. The colors chosen represent the elements earth, fire and water covering all of our people's past, present and future and inspire us as one united, vital, free and dedicated.

Description of the National Flag of Trinidad and Tobago: On a red field, a Bend Dexter Sable Silver limited, ie is in the red zone diagonal from left to right in Black with White edge. The width of the Black and White bands joined side by side in the upper right hand corner of the flag is one-fifth the entire length of the flag, and the width of each strip of White is one-sixth width of the White and Black bands together.

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