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The twin-island republic of Trinidad and Tobago offers visitors the best of both worlds.  This nation is bursting with a rich culture.  Stemming from a history of European colonialism.  West African slavery and East Indian indentureship. 


Trinidad, the larger of the two islands, is an entertainment centre with a wide selection of nightspots, restaurants and shopping destinations.  Coupled  with world-famous ecotourism sites.

Trinidad has something to offer nature-seeker as well as the party animal.  Tobago on the other hand, is a wonder world for the nature enthusiast. 
A host of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, wetlands and diving sites await visitors. Tobago is Trinidad and Tobago tourist capital, with exotic accommodations and activities designed specifically for guests.
The secluded beaches and overall slower pace of life have the ability to settle anyone’s mood.  Combined, these two islands undoubtedly offer a one-of-a –kind island escape.
Discover Trinidad and Tobago,  a unique True Caribbean paradise.  Bursting with spirit and a heady mix of cultural activities, eco adventure and culinary delights, there is no place in the world quite like our tiny twin-island republic of 1.3 million ethnically diverse people.  Our country presents a dual experience –from the cosmopolitan, busting tows of Trinidad, to lazy days sunbathing on pristine beaches in Tobago.
The southern most islands  in the Caribbean, Trinidad is an industrial giant boasting exciting nightlife, a robust energy sector and growing manufacturing industry. Trinidad is also home to several spectacular ecotourism attractions, including the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, home of Scarlet Ibis and manatees, and the Asa Wright Nature Centre, a birdwatchers’ paradise hidden under the thick canopy of our rainforests.

Alive with nightlife, Trinidad boasts myriads of options from Irish pubs, to live theatre and modern dance clubs.  But if Trinidad is the energetic heart of these islands, Tobago is its serene soul, just two hours away from Port-of-Spain by fast ferry or 15 minutes by air.
Cover by lush forest and surrounded by sparkling blue bays, Tobago’s waters are home spectacular reefs, boasting 300 species of coral and colourful fish, while the island’s rugged spine is home to the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere. 
From Carnival to calypso, steelpan to stick fighting, Trinidad and Tobago has a rich and expansive culture that represents its diverse peoples and history.  Many countries in the world boast of Carnival celebrations, but none quite as stunning and all-embracing as Trinidad’s national festival.  Whether you decide to be a spectator on the sidelines, douse yourself in chocolate and join the J,ouvert revelry or don a fabulous costume and dance the day away, our Carnival is an unforgettable experience. Carnival 2015 here we come.

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